• 1331 Littleton St., Richards Landing

This Week

Join us for our online Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night at 8pm.

This Sunday will be gathering  for a blended Breaking of Bread+Family Bible Hour service at 11:15 am.  If you love the Lord Jesus and are his follower, we invite you to have some grape juice and bread ready for communion.

Dean Love will be teaching from Luke 15:1-10.

SPECIAL NOTE: Algoma Public Health has provided us with information regarding Ontario Regulation 82/20 (Schedule 4, Section 1.3), which allows for official religious services in private dwellings, provided masks are worn and physical distancing is kept, and no more than 10 people are present.

We recognize the need to fellowship and worship together with other believers and so the elders have decided to open two official gathering spots for believers this Sunday: both on-site at IBC and at the home of the Whitley’s.  Both will be at 11:15am, where individuals can worship, celebrate communion, and watch the livestream together.  We recognize that there are a limited number of spots and will be monitoring the demand; at this point, only a few people have requested this.

To be clear, the elders have only endorsed these two places to officially gather, in compliance with current health regulations; we are not endorsing nor encouraging people to organize their own gatherings.

Here are the sign-up links for the two on-site locations for IBC gatherings (if they fill up and you’re unable to register, please contact an elder so we know how many spots are needed in future weeks):

IBC @ 11:15am –  https://volunteersignup.org/3RJA7

Whitley’s @ 11:15am – https://volunteersignup.org/H7L7J

Our Sunday morning worship service will be livestreamed at 11:15am on IBC’s Facebook page and YouTube channel for those who are joining us online from their own homes

Our services are livestreamed on IBC’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel:

  • Click HERE to get to IBC’s YouTube Channel.
  • Click HERE to find us on Facebook.

Last Week

Bryan Windle finished our series on Colossians by teaching from Col. 3:18-4:18.  You can view the service here: https://youtu.be/D2pYItHRWaU

Spring Folly

We hosted Spring Folly Livestream 2021 on Friday, April 23, 2021.  People tuned in from Sault Ste. Marie through to North Bay, including Central Algoma, Elliot Lake, Massey, and Manitoulin.  Manic Drive (ManicDrive.com) put on a great concert and John Marriott (JohnMarriott.org) gave an excellent talk about Lifelong Faith.

Pandemic Response

Throughout the pandemic, we will continue to love God above all (Matt. 22:37), and love others in appropriate ways (Matt. 22:39).  We will also and honour the Lord’s command to submit to our governing authorities (Romans 13:1-2; 1 Peter 2:13-17). In all, we will continue to focus on our mission at Island Bible Chapel of worshipping the Triune God, introducing Jesus Christ to our world, and nurturing our fellow believers.

When we gather in-person, we will seek to show love to our brothers and sisters-in-Christ, particularly the vulnerable among us, by wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and abiding by the temporary capacity limits, as required by our governing authorities. Enhanced cleaning measures are also in place.

If our governing authorities bring in temporary health measures that limit our on-site gatherings, we may move our services online.

We will seek to communicate with the chapel family in a timely manner any changes to our services.  This will be done via email and the IBC Facebook page.