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Thursday February 11, 2016

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Upcoming Events

The Gospel of John

This Sunday Dean Love will be teaching from John 14.  Come for prayer at 9:30 a.m.; the Lord's Supper (communion) is at 10:00 a.m., followed by the Family Bible Hour at 11:15 a.m. 


We are excited to announce a baptism planned for Sunday, Feb. 21st.  If you would like to be baptized too, please contact one of the elders.


NEW Small Group Starting

Bryan and Jennifer Windle will be hosting a Small Group for married couples using Matt Chandler's Mingling Of Souls dvd curriculum (a study of The Song of Solomon).  It will be held after the regular church service on Sundays.  Bring something for a potluck lunch and we'll learn and pray together.  Children are welcome (and will play in the boys room or basement while we study).



  • Tab 1-Welcome

    chapel building front view with sign

    Welcome to Island Bible Chapel


    Our style is relaxed as we combine an appreciation of older hymns with upbeat, contemporary choruses and worship songs followed by teaching. It is a great opportunity to learn together from God’s Word!

  • Tab 2-Sunday School

    Sunday School

    Sunday School

    We think you’ll find us to be a “family-friendly” church! Children from 3 years old through Grade 8 are taught by caring volunteers in our Sunday School. Bible studies, worship, and fun activities are all a part of our programs. Our Sunday School runs Sunday mornings at 11:15am - 12:15pm during the Family Bible Hour.

  • Tab 3-Light Force

    Light Force

    Light Force

    Through the Lightforce program held at the chapel we seek to introduce children to Jesus Christ and encourage them to follow his bright example since He is the Light of the world.  We do this through a combination of Bible reading, memorization and games.

    (Ages 4-13 yrs. old)

    6:00pm-7:30pm at the Chapel and at the Elementary School

    Contact Dawn Stinson 705-246-3093

  • Tab 4-Youth Group

    Youth Group

    Central Algoma Youth Group (CAYG)

    All high school youth are welcome to come join us every friday right off of the bus from school. We talk, have fun, eat, have fun, study spiritual issues relevant to our lives and have fun with many crazy activities.


    Contact Jason Hill 705-246-1633

  • Tab 5-Spring Folly

    Spring Folly

    Spring Folly

    Spring Folly (SF) is an annual Christian youth conference filled with opportunities to play, learn, praise, worship and glorify God! SF is open to students 14 years of age to 20. The purpose of the retreat is to expose youth to Christ and provide Christian fellowship that is loaded with fun and high quality entertainment. Hundreds of youth come from around Ontario to take part in a weekend filled with; Bible Quizzing, a feature speaker, a feature band, seminars, worship services, sports and so much more! Find more information at http://www.springfolly.ca/

  • Tab 6-Women's Ministry

    Women's Ministry

    Women's Bible Study

    Women's Ministries at Island Bible Chapel include Women's Bible Study, Heart to Heart, and kitchen groups. We would love to encourage you to get involved!


    10:30am-12:00 noon at the Chapel

    Contact Maureen Tulloch 705-246-0004

  • Tab 7-Men's Ministry

    Men's Ministry

    Men's Bible Study

    All members of our church are encouraged to build deeper relationships by joining one of our ongoing “fellowship groups”. We believe that spiritual growth can be best facilitated in these small, Bible study and prayer groups. One such group is our Men's Bible Study group.



    7:00pm - 8:30pm at the Chapel

    Contact Dean Love 705-246-1628

  • Tab 8- Photo Gallery


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